Seo blog

Trafic is coming back to Topics will be SEO, automation, project management (ROI and SEO), tools and php developpment, seo success story. Share and you will receive satanas. See you in the next days !


This web blog is for people who want to know how to affecting the visibility in the search engine, especially Google. Image, Video, Academic, Vertical or Horizontal searches will be concerned. Seo must not be a little orphan part in your internet marketing strategy. Inboud links, backlinks, speed, architecture (content's organization), algorithms and user interface (or bot interface) are my maester words.

Is it enough content ? Because content is king, you know ?!

Maybe you are interested in SEO Tools like a Proxy Checker ?! You are on the right place. Here, we will speak as soon as possible of tec' and SEO.

And I would say Seo Blog Is Coming !